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What Exactly is Tom?

Tom can be defined as an online zine, hence the term "webzine", and unlike most zines physical or digital, which
all have a clear point, and a certain level of amateur-ish craft to them that is both charming and visualy appealing,
Tom doesn't have a clear point, Tom doesn't have any of that amateur-ish craft, and Tom isn't visually appealing.
Tom is more akin to a series of napkin doodles accompanied by vaguely related text, glazed with a hearty amount of
dithering and compression, all in a neat pdf package. Each issue is made in 24 hours during a creative drought.

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Communication: Tom Issue #1 [June 21st, 2022]

Sleep: Tom Issue #2.5 [June 22nd, 2022]

Film: Tom Issue #3 [July 11th, 2022]

Love [unfinished]: Tom Issue #3.5 [July 15th, 2022]

Hygine: Tom Issue #4 [May 16th, 2024]

Stuff: Tom Issue #5 [May 19th, 2024]

Time: Tom Issue #6 [May 23th, 2024]